Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To Boracay - How to Get Here and Get Out of Here

If you're trying to get to Boracay, you're definitely trying to get to the right place. You want to be hanging out like in the picture above on a Tuesday afternoon while everyone else you know is at some office doing exactly what you're not doing? Then let's get to Boracay for the ideal first Philippine vacation.

The only thing 99% of us (Americans, Fil-Ams, Europeans, Canadians, Japanese, and Koreans) need to know about getting to Boracay is it can be very easy or very challenging. Most of you are going to be coming from Manila or Cebu as there are no international flights yet to Boracay. Aklan island, which is the main island that Boracay Island sits off of, is planning on upgrading its airport in Caticlan, but like anything in the Philippines, it might be a few years before they are done.

Until then, you're flying to Boracay on an airplane, either via SeaAir or ZestAir. You land in Caticlan Airport which is a 10 minute drive from the port of Caticlan and then a 20 minute boat ride to Boracay Island where you make a triumphant, World War II style landing on the beach. This is a pretty good place to go to if you want to book flights to Boracay.

So from Manila, landing in Caticlan, you're looking at a 45 minute flight, 15 minutes for your bags, 10 minutes to the port, and 20 minutes to Boracay Island and probably another few minutes to your hotel. This will involve some walking and careful maneuvering onto the boat. That's the fast way.

The other way to get to Boracay is the slow, pain-in-the-ass way through Kalibo airport, which is anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes away from Caticlan port. So from Manila, you fly to Kalibo, and take an even longer drive than your flight to Caticlan just to get on a boat to Boracay island.

If this is your first time flying to Boracay from Manila, just know this very important rule which will save you about 2 hours. FLYING TO CATICLAN IS MUCH FASTER THAN FLYING TO KALIBO WHEN GOING TO BORACAY.